America and the Armenian Genocide of 1915

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America and the Armenian Genocide of 1915

The reality was that Wilson wanted to maintain neutrality as long as possible. We shall go wherever the necessities of this war carry us, but it seems to me that we should go only where immediate and practical considerations lead us and not heed any others.

Armenian Genocide of Armenians 1915. NEW FACTS by Russian Historians. Armenian Genocide Armenia.

Even in , President Obama refuses to call atrocities in Armenia genocide because Turkey has threatened to cut off diplomatic ties with America if he does. In the eyes of Turkish leaders, the deaths were the suppression of a subversive nationalist movement. As in , the American government still struggles to balance moral leadership with political pragmatism.

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Thank you for this well written article on one of the many tragic mistakes we have made as a country! The Turks committed the crime but the rest of the world turned a blind-eye..

Armenian Genocide News

Ahmet, thanks for your comment. Specifically, what information in this article do you think is skewed?

First, you claim that the Armenian people supported the Russian military. When I did my research, I found that some men did in fact desert to Russian lines, including a number of Armenian soldiers, but I could not find any evidence for a large-scale pro-Russian movement in Armenian communities as if such a movement would justify the burning and drowning of entire villages of non-combatants.

I did, however, find evidence that Ottoman leaders used these isolated cases as propaganda to rally support for anti-Armenian policies.

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Your second claim is that this was not a genocide. I certainly understand the use of caution when deploying this term.

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But if you define it as a deliberate attempt to destroy an entire group based on perceived racial differences, then this history of wholesale slaughter certainly fits the mold. To say that a state-sponsored killing of 1. Or do you believe that our numbers are wrong?

Any clarity you can provide here will be very helpful. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Knowledge and compassion, though, were not enough to stop the killings.

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  • A terrible precedent was born in , one which has come to haunt the United States and other Western countries throughout the twentieth century and beyond. To read the essays in this volume is chastening: the dilemmas Americans faced when confronting evil on an unprecedented scale are not very different from the dilemmas we face today.

    Part I The framework. Part II During the catastrophe.